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Suzannah Hart, LCSW
Holden Qigong Certified Teacher, Tier 1

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Qigong is: a self-empowered, ancient healing
practice with deep breathing, gentle movements
& mindful intention. We can heal ourselves
physically, emotionally & spiritually.
Please see more benefits below!

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Meet Suzannah

My qigong practice began in 2020, informally and unstructured. I was seeking a way to transform uncomfortable emotions into empowerment. I was seeking a way to feel more comfortable in my skin,  to feel physically healthier and deepen my alignment with the Me I knew I could be/already was:

"The Master Within."


Decrease Stress


Improve Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Health

Diminish Depression

& Anxiety

Increase energy,


Reduce pain

Improve Overall Balance, Flow & Harmony

Improve Sleep & Digestion

Increase Focus & Attention


"You were born a Healer."

Grandmaster Chunyi Lin

"Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes."

"It can take years to change your mind, but Energy is significantly more

receptive and responsive."

Carl Jung

Master Lee Holden

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